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From the recording SloFastSlo

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Written By: Brandon Aghamalian,Dan Barrett

The fix is on. It’s all gone wrong. Insiders scammed you out.
We’ll burn this whole thing down. It’s a mad-mad-world. Look all around.
No one goes to jail ‘round here. It’s the wild-wild-west.
Their the puppeteers.
Best way to get rich is steal.
It’s like Robin Hood with no appeal.

Legalized criminals. It’s all so typical.

Hopped up on some coke and booze. Next thing I knew was when I saw you.
Standing there with your phone in hand. Doctor’s been called.
You looked so mad.
Telling me I’m some racketeer. If I close my eyes that’s the sound of fear.
Drinking like it’s the Holy water.
Pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered.

Legalized criminals. It’s all so typical. Ivy League Criminals

The gig is up. There’s nothing right. Outsiders wanting in.
You wash your hands of this. It’s a mad-mad world. It’s a deadly kiss.
Their posting bail round here. It’s a free for all. It’s a trail of tears.
Worst way to die is broke. The system’s a joke and the end is near.