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From the recording SloFastSlo

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Written By: Brandon Aghamalian

It was indeed at the end of the times.
But not exactly what they had in mind.
A plastic bag pulled down over her head.
A lakeside victim, she’d been so mislead.

Chorus 1:
He’s been to heaven. And hears God’s voices.
Prophetic deviant. Her unrequited love.

With thoughts of God commanding him to the lead.
The unbelievers cannot understand his creed.
Their God a lover looking for his bridegroom.
He’d lead them down the path to their certain doom.

Chorus 2:
He took her life, oh. Bethany’s husband.
He’s still free but she’s all gone.

He said, “The end times are here.”

A theology that says God wanted a lover.
A Sexuality they soon would discover.
A prayer room packed with scores of unsuspecting children.
Absorb the words all based on misguided fiction.

I can still hear her voice.