From the recording SloFastSlo

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Written By: Brandon Aghamalian

You act so selfishly, she said so pensively.
But I’ll get much better you’ll see.
She said I’m lying.

I promise I can quit. I’m trying to admit. Help me, baby.
She said, “Don’t say baby, baby.”

I want it oh, so bad. What do you want from me?
I need it oh, so bad. What do you want from me?

You can take those lies with you cause baby I’m really through.
I deserve much better than you.
I said, you’re lying.

I cannot comprehend the depths of my descent.
Not sure where my soul went.
I said I’m dying.

Here’s to our story now. So much to disavow.
Who will you run to now? It’s never-ending.
Here’s to the joy we killed. The lies and wine we spilt.
Here’s to the good times, babe. There just weren’t many.