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From the recording SloFastSlo

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Written By: Brandon Aghamalian

She said she won’t be sorry now. She’d seen it all along.
I said, don’t try to lie to me. I’ve know you far too long.
She’s clearly crazy from the lies. They’ve polluted all her thoughts.
She said she won’t be bothered now. That her life is moving on.
Her life is moving on.

Don’t stop lying to me. It’s too late baby.
Don’t start loving me. I never would baby
It’s all a lie. It always was.
Don’t you love me?
She said, “No”

I hear the terror in your voice. I see the fear inside your eyes.
Tomorrow’s a million years away. Tonight is gonna be our night.
I’m sinking down into this hole that’s encompassing my life.
It won’t be long before she learns, I’ve been lying all my life.

She said I won’t be counted out like I was never even here.
She said why don’t you want me now? Did you just think I’d disappear?
Just know the worst is yet to come. Sleep tight, my dear.

I said, I won’t be sorry now. Let’s not pretend to get along.
She said the sex never good and that I never liked your songs.
She said what do you want from me? I’m numb from all your lies.
I said there’s nothing left to hide. Our life is clearly in demise.